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Mitsubishi A800 Series

Mitsubishi A800 Series

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    For the Mitsubishi GOT800 series cables in use (AC□R4 and A7GT-AC□R4), the connector for the GOT800 series cables differ from the connector for the GOT1000 series cables. Replace the cable with the GOT1000 series cable. Use the Mitsubishi GOT1000 series cables (including user-created cables described in the GOT1000 Series Connection Manual) to connect to the GOT1000 series.

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    • Suppy Touchscreen, Keyboard and Protective Film for Mitsubishi A800 Series Replacement Repair Kit

    • Touch screen Technology: analog resistive

    • Serial and Ethernet communication only.

    • Preferred HMI for CompactLogix controllers.

  • The Mitsubishi A-800 Terminals Touch Screen Issues:

    Improper calibration
    Check for activation points that are offset from touch points.Calibrate the touch screen.

    Non-functioning touch screen
    Check the touch screen for damage, such as cuts or excessive wear.If there is damage, replace the terminal.

    Touching multipleinput elements
    Application screens contain graphic input elements that areconfigured in the Machine Edition application. When touched,these elements perform operations in a predictable manner. Forexample, an input element is configured to navigate to a specificscreen in the application or start a motor when touched.

    Multiple operations cannot be conducted simultaneously. Doing soresults in an unintended operation.
    • Do not touch multiple input element simultaneously.
    • Do not rest a hand or multiple finger on the display.

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