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KUKA KR C5 00-291-556 SMARTPAD-2 Controller Repair Kit

KUKA KR C5 00-291-556 SMARTPAD-2 Controller Repair Kit

KUKA KR C5 00-291-556 SMARTPAD-2 Controller Repair Kit
KUKA KR C5 00-291-556 SMARTPAD-2 Controller Repair KitKUKA KR C5 00-291-556 SMARTPAD-2 Controller Repair KitKUKA KR C5 00-291-556 SMARTPAD-2 Controller Repair KitKUKA KR C5 00-291-556 SMARTPAD-2 Controller Repair KitKUKA KR C5 00-291-556 SMARTPAD-2 Controller Repair Kit
Catalogue de ProduitKUKA SmartPAD
ModèleKUKA KR C5 00-291-556
brand newin stock
fast shipment12 months warranty
easy replacement100% compatible
Part No.KUKA KR C5 00-291-556 SMARTPAD-2
LineKUKA Smartpad-2 Controller
AccessoriesTouch Screen, Keypad, LCD Display
PortGuangzhou, Shenzhen, Hongkong.
modalité de paiementWestern Union, MoneyGram, T/T, Paypal
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Heure à jour2023/12/10
Info en détails

Supply KUKA KR C5 00-291-556 SMARTPAD-2 Controller Touchscreen, Membrane Keyboard Switch, LCD Display, Cable, 6D Mouse Replacement

Order each part separately is available

KUKA KR C5 00-291-556 SMARTPAD-2 Controller Touch Screen, LCD Display, Membrane Keypad, E-Stop Button, E-Stop Contact, USB Cover, Disconnecting Button, PTOO Switch Contact, Mode Selector Switch, Front Case, Back Cover, Space Mouse, Hand Strap and Cable Repair

VICPAS Supply KUKA KR C5 00-291-556 SMARTPAD-2 Controller Operator Keypad, Front Case, Cable, Back Cover, Disconnecting Button, Emergency Stop Button, PTOO Switch Contact, E-Stop Contact, Touch Membrane, LCD Display Screen, Mode Selector Switch, Hand Strap, USB Cover and Space Mouse for repair replacement.

The button functions of the KUKA KR C5 00-291-556 KCP4 Controller keypad other three function keys are Start key: The Start key is used to start a program. Start backwards key: The Start backward key is used to start a program backward. The program is executed step by step. STOP key: The STOP key is used to stop a program that is running. Displays the keyboard. It is generally not necessary to press this key to display the keyboard, as the smartHMI detects when keyboard input is required and displays the keyboard automatically.

The KUKA KR C5 00-291-556 touchscreen size is 8.4 inches, produced with capacitive touch screen technology.

Top 10 Advantages of Capacitive Touch Screens
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Incredible durability
  • Easy to Clean
  • The most reliable in touch screen
  • Support personalized customization
  • Sharper images with better contrast
  • More sensitive to light touch
  • Provide multi-touch sensing
  • Efficient work and cost reduction
  • Better development prospect

Product Video:

The video below describes the product details of the KUKA KR C5 00-291-556 Controller Touchscreen, Keypad LCD Display and Case(shell).

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KUKA SmartPAD-2 Controller Manuals PDF Download:

  • KUKA KRC5 Micro Datasheet
  • KUKA SmartPAD-2 Controller Datasheet Manuals

  • FAQ:

    Question: What are the advantages of SmartPAD-2 Controller Teach Pendant?


    • Integrated protectors offer the greatest possible protection in the event of falling. The scratch- resistant display and the IP 54 protection rating enable operation in harsh industrial environments.

    • Comfortable, relaxed handling. The new KUKA smartPAD features impressively pleasant handling. Straps and handgrips that can be used with both hands greatly simplify operator control. An optional shoulder strap enables work without tiring the operator – particularly during time-intensive projects.

    • State-of-the-art hardware. Thanks to the latest hardware, the KUKA smartPAD impresses with strong performance. Two easily accessible USB ports enable direct saving and loading of application programs and connection of other supportedUSB devices.

    • Simple robot jogging with the ergonomic 6D mouse. It offers intuitive jogging and reorientation of the robot in three or six degrees of freedom.

    • Efficient operation with brilliant, capacitive touch display. Inputs are made quickly and easily via the 8.4" screen.

    • Elements for ergonomic left- and right-handed operation and a service flap for simple cable exchange round off the user-friendly design of the KUKA smartPAD.

    Question: How to backup a KUKA KR C5 00-291-556 SmartPAD Controller Teach Pendant?

    Answer: Actually,you don't have to do anything, all archives are stored in root of the USB stick. default name for archive files is serial number of the robot - ensuring they are all unique.
    And you can find the backup by select the path: File>Archive>USB(KCP).

    Question: What is the KUKA KR C5 00-291-556 controller price of membrane keypad with case(shell), LCD Display?

    Answer: Submit a fast quote, send VICPAS an email for best price.

    More Details about KUKA SmartPAD Controller Parts

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